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Fruits of the Land

Fruits of the Land

Fill your glasses with the fine wine from our vineyards,, sail on our crystal clear waters with the sea spray blowing across your face to catch the sardines to adorn your bread with which Picasso experienced in his young summers.

The time has come to experience a territory for what defines ts people, its streets filled with the aromas and the people willing to share their laughter at their tables along with their gastronomy.

La Clotxa - Horta de Sant Joan

We will pass through forests and travel between fields until we reach Terra Alta, High Lands, a region of towns with monuments dating back to the 11th Century, each with its own medieval traditions and feasts. in them we will feel like a young Picasso, a mere boy of 16, when he came here with his friend Manuel Palleres, a local of one of these villages, Horta Sant Joan. we will discover through taste and smell, the surprisingly delicious traditional dishes of this territory and the whole culture of the countryside, the labour involved and the traditions which close the relationships formed around their tables.

You will taste the Cloxta, a dish from the local rural world under the shade of the century old olive trees. To accompany this dish, a fine glass of Garnatxa wine, unique in the Peninsula and internationally awarded. Welcome to the land of great contrasts.

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The fruits of the sea and the mountains - Miravet

Like the flow of the rivers that lace the Natural Park, we too find our way to the sea.

We will follow the Ebro until we reach the picturesque Medieval village of Miravet, one of the most outstanding locations in Les Terres de l’Ebre. The village has had centuries long connection with the innate forces of the river, to enrich itself with trade, defend itself during the Battle of the Ebro and also provide a tasty variety of fish.

There are many recipes to savour, each seasoned with the herbs and plants that grow wild in the surrounding forest and hills.

Here, sat in the town square, shaded by the trees and with the river gently running in the background, we will enjoy a glass or two of an authentic Vermouth and suitable tapas to compliment this fine refreshing drink. This explosive combination of aromas, flavours will justify the well deserved wait for this fine selection of mountain dishes. Even if the weather decides to give us a little rain, the locals always see this as a positive, because 10 days later they will have mushrooms. Another joyous feast.

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Oyster farm - Delta

Sea water is increasingly more present in our kitchens due to its extraordinary mineral richness.

Our Journey along the river finally ends at the sea and the Ebro Delta, this lush and unique ecosystem supports a wide range of flora and fauna.
We will set sail from port, and glide over the waves and head out to sea.
Located a short distance off the coast is one of the most select oyster farms on the Delta. We will walk along the walkways that are supported by the forest of timbers that also serve as the refuge and home to thousands of oysters, molluscs and other seafood.

Here you will experience the freshness of these fantastic sea fruit in the resturant that is situated over the nets.

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Paella - Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Letting ourselves to be carried away by the current of the river, we will arrive at the Ebro Delta.
We will pass through the towns that live off this natural phenomenon that has shaped the  culture of the Delta.
Fishing villages have joined with the  workers from the rice fields and together they have created this unique natural environment.
We will discover it through the flavours that they have created.
We will help you experience the locally made Paella. All the ingredients are from the area. It can be the marine Paella or the Mountain Paella. The rice is grown locally in the paddy fields that cover so much of the delta.
To finish your meal you will wash it down with the locally made Arros de delta, a rice liquor.

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    Sea and mountains - Miravet
    Oyster farm - Delta
    Paella - Sant Carles

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