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Knights Templar and Franciscan monks

Sant Salvador convent Convent de Sant Salvador, Horta de Sant Joan, España
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Templar secrets and Franciscan miracles

The discovery that we will make of the Convent of San Salvador is, above all, the origin of its true name: Convent of the Mother of God of the Angels.
The interior architecture reveals its Templar origin and the evolution of its name helps us to understand why and how franciscans monks used it few years later.
When you enter through the most recent door of the building you will enter the history of Salvador Pladevall and his treatments with herbal remedies, little friends of the Inquisition. You will discover a network of anecdotes and political conflicts that are still being actual today.

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With this visit, we will go over 500 years of history about the Cathars, the Templars and the Franciscans, all of whom have had a link with the Convent of Sant Salvador d’Horta.
The great columns of the church, the ingenuity of the sunny cloister and the views from the atrium of the village of Horta de Sant Joan await you.
The guided tour is recommended for groups between 8 and 40 people over 15 years of age. It is suitable for people with a wheelchair and can be done both in the morning or afternoon since it lasts 1h and 30 ‘.


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Convent de Sant Salvador, Horta de Sant Joan, España

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