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From l’Ebre Battle towards Peace

Ebro battlefield Horta de Sant Joan, España
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Battles that leave footprints of peace

In the villages of Les Terres de l’Ebre you will find a cultural richness marked by an historical event that does not go unnoticed: the battle of l’Ebre.
In 1938, in the middle of the Spanish civil war, the longest of the battles took place. 117 days that marked a before and after in these regions and the way of life of the villagers of La Terra Alta, La Ribera de l’Ebre and other nearby sites.
We will visit all the monuments and buildings that are dedicated to this part of the history to understand and reflect about this barbarity with the objective to be able to give a better response to the new social conflicts that appear nowadays.

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This activity can last half a day or a full day and is the ideal visit for those who want to know everything that landscapes villages such as Corbera d’Ebre and its surroundings. It is the ideal activity to see the trenches closely and understand the reasons of those who had no options and had to become soldiers.
The tour can be extended and converted into an enriching day that will bring you to the material memories that the war has left us and to the reflection for a better future that give us monuments like the Freedom Alfabet.
The guided tour is recommended for groups between 8 and 40 people over 15 years of age. It lasts between 2 and 4 hours.


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Horta de Sant Joan, España

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