Destination Management Company


Our mission

We want to enhance an ethical, sustainable and ecological way to enjoy the nature of Els Ports Natural Park and the culture of Les Terres de l’Ebre.

Why Eco?

Our first 100% EV car was the culprit. We enjoyed that much that we started searching more EV while travelling around Europe. That’s when we found Eco tourism, the most authentic way to travel we have ever tried. And now, we want to make it here too, in our region.

Through local flavours of organic olive oil and wine, through the activities of the Natural Park Els Ports and through the anecdotes, stories and rural experiences of our villages we got you to enjoy Les Terres de l’Ebre and to make it more known in the world. The problem appeared when we found few years ago dirty rivers, canyons with less water and non-respected cultural buildings, so we became part of the change we wanted to see: we implemented fun and sustainability to each of our activities.

And that is the result of our efforts: activities made of laughs, values of respect for nature, workshops with villages’ people and regional dishes with local ingredients.

And you, are you ready to be part of it?

Garbinada: A Catalan word that comes from the word Garbí, which describes a hot and soft wind that moves all the clouds like on the photo you see above. That causes changes on the environment, which give us new air to breathe and a refreshing start of the day.

We felt this name would describe perfectly what we want to do: to be part of an eco tourism that is part of the sustainable change that our world needs.

From now on…

Every enterpreneur and every enterprise focalised on a better way to enjoy tourism can be part of Garbinada. We want to offer you only exciting activities that are also related to sustainability and to our South Catalan culture.

The moment of discovering this less-known part of Spain has arrived: rivers, villages, regional and protected fauna and flora and rural flavours are waiting for you.


The Team

Our team is always open to grow. It all started with two people and now we are 4 main people and more than 20 collaborators. Check who we are!



He will make you travel to the past through Catharism, Knight Templars and Franciscan Monks stories. You will discover streets and corners full of secrets.



Picasso came twice to Horta de Sant Joan and all he did was printed in the memories of Horta’s habitants. Now, Philippe is the one who have collected them all and will show you how everyone is already an artist like Picasso.



If you are under 16, then you will know her. Every story from Les Terres de l’Ebre can become an experience of playing, investigation and fun. Families, schools and groups, it’s time to play!



Big big groups are for her. You will know her while preparing your wedding, your team building or your Erasmus class trip. Make your holidays the most memorable memories!


Do you want to be part of Garbinada too? Contact us!